New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter
New smart scooter

New smart scooter

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New smart scooter

A stealthy electric scooter with extra wide 9.5" tires that keep it upright almost without the kickstand... turning requires a bit more force from the arms like a motorcycle
Super quiet but powerful 800 watt gearless hub motor, these are known for being durable and long lasting, variable speed twist throttle is smooth and intuitive (full grip twist design)
Available in three color combinations but only one frame size, the bars are adjustable forward and back for a relaxed upright body position, you can stand for comfort when riding over bumps
Beautiful looking plastic fenders should keep you dry and clean, the battery offers good capacity


  • Extremely easy to mount and stand over thanks to the low-step deck, both feet easily fit onto the deck which has grip tape all the way up for plenty of traction
  • Minimalist design is very iconic, the seat feels good and seems to support weight well even for larger riders like Sam who weighs ~260 lbs, it’s quiet to ride so people might not even realize it’s motorized
  • Available in at least two colors (black and white) but I’d probably choose white for improved visibility at night, there are no lights just a rear reflector
  • Extra large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes with thick rotors and oversized levers more like what you’d find on an ATV or motorcycle
  • Powerful but quiet motor that’s well concealed in the rear wheel… same for the battery pack which is mounted below the deck vs. inside a box that’s tacked on somewhere, it’s stealthy
  • Adjustable handlebar is comfortable to reach… you don’t have to lean far forward or stress your back/neck, I like that it can be angled down or up depending on your torso and arm length
  • The tires are 9.5″ wide making them very stable (it almost stands up on its own) and I bet they handle soft terrain like sand and snow fairly well but was not able to test for sure (consider lowering air pressure in very soft terrain)
  • The charging port is super small, nearly hidden, located on the right side near the rear wheel axle, should be protected by the metal frame and has a cap to keep water and dust out
  • The deck is long and Sam was saying that some customers ride with a friend or kid standing on the front while they sit… you can stand or sit while operating this thing and I found that standing while going over large bumps is more comfortable
  • Because there are no gears, no chain and very few other moving parts this scooter should be very durable… the gearless motor is also known for being maintenance free and long lasting
  • The box for the charger was really nice, made a better impression than the brown generic cardboard boxes with a lot of ebikes I review, love that it comes with two keys and a nice charger with a long cord (since the battery isn’t removable from Smart scooter

    10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)






    All Black, White with Black Fenders, White with Red Fenders


    3.5" Ground Clearance, 20" Reach, 69" Length, 26" Seat Height 


    Rigid Steel


    High Rise, Steel


    Hydraulic Disc with 203 mm Rotors


    Flat Rubber


    Custom Padded


    Solid Steel


    Chaoyang, 18" x 9.5" x 8"


    18 in (45.72cm)


    Schrader Valve


    Rear Reflector, Flick Bell, Side Kickstand


    2 lb 2 Amp Charger

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